Climate Change and Environmental Health: Free Papers

Wednesday, 20 August 2014: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM
Ballroom C (Dena'ina Center)

Anthony McMichael, PhD and Michael Brubaker, MPH
4:30 PM
Sources Of Fine Particulate Matter And Risk Of Preterm Birth In Connecticut 2000-2006: A Longitudinal Study
Gavin Pereira, PhD, Yale University; Michelle L Bell, Yale University; Hyung Joo Lee, PhD, Harvard University; Petros Koutrakis, PhD, Harvard School of Public Health; Kathleen Belanger, PhD, Yale University
4:45 PM
Assessing health risks of exposure to Asian dust (soil dust) among healthy individuals and allergic rhinitis patients in Japan
Kazunari Onishi, PhD, Tottori University; Kumiko T Kanatani, MD, Kyoto University; Shinji Otani, PhD, Tottori University; Haosheng Mu, PhD, Tottori University; Masato Shinoda, PhD, Tottori University; Youichi Kurozawa, PhD, Tottori University
5:00 PM
Measuring the prevalence of difficulty initiating sleep and difficulty maintaining sleep in the summertime using Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index and their association with air conditioner installation
Momoko Kayaba, MS, University of Tsukuba; Tomohiko Ihara, PhD, The University of Tokyo; Hiroyuki Kusaka, PhD, University of Tsukuba; Satoru Iizuka, PhD, Nagoya University; Kenji Miyamoto, Tajimi city; Yasushi Honda, University of Tsukuba
5:15 PM
Association of Ambient Air Pollution with Emergency Department Visits for Epistaxis, Substance Use Disorders and Lower Respiratory Disease
Mieczyslaw Szyszkowicz, PhD, Health Canada; Errol Thomson, PhD, Health Canada; Robin Shutt, PhD, Health Canada; Termeh Kousha, PhD, Health Canada; Brian Rowe, MD, University of Alberta; Ian Colman, PhD, University of Ottawa
5:30 PM
The short term effects of exposure to aeroallergens during pregnancy on the risk of preterm birth
Eric Lavigne, PhD, Health Canada; Sabit Cakmak, PhD, Health Canada; Antonio Gasparrini, PhD, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Hong Chen, PhD, Public Health Ontario; Dave Stieb, MD, Health Canada
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